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Branson, Dukane, Sonics & Materials and Herrmann Ultrasonic Converters

New, rebuilt and pre owned converter replacements

When you are in the market for ultrasonic converters, BEK Ultrasonics can handle all your needs. BEK manufactures and rebuilds all of our converters in the USA. Unlike some companies that offer extended warranties on converters that they do not produce themselves, BEK does everything in-house to ensure the highest quality and best value.

BEK Ultrasonics is known for offering the best warranties and prices worldwide. We maintain complete control over the materials we use and the production of all our converters. Whether you are in the market for Dukane ultrasonic transducers/converters, Branson ultrasonic converters, Sonics and Materials ultrasonic converters, Herrmann ultrasonic converters, or any other brand, you can count on us.

We also can provide custom converters to meet your special applications for Dukane ultrasonic, Branson ultrasonic welder, Sonics and Materials and Herrmann ultrasonics.

veteran-owned-business Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, BEK has been manufacturing ultrasonic converters and transducers, as well as ultrasonic tooling/horns and boosters, since the early 80's. BEK manufactures and rebuilds all brands and models of converters and transducers for use with assembly of plastics, metals, slitting and cutting of textiles, ultrasonic liquid processing, as well as ultrasonic lab equipment and ultrasonic food cutting, and packaging.

We also manufacture ultrasonic tooling. All of our tooling is customized to fit your parts and operate with your current welding systems no matter what the frequency or brand may be.

We offer free evaluation and testing of your ultrasonic components and equipment and consulting on new or existing applications that may or may not be problematic.

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Branson ultrasonic converters

All Branson converters & transducers! From 10kHz to 40 kHz.

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Dukane transducers

All standard & heavy duty Dukane converters & Transducers! From 15kHz to 40 kHz.

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S&m ultrasonic converters

All Sonics & Materials converters and transducers! From 15 kHz to 40 kHz.

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Herrmann ultrasonic converters

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