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Sonics And Materials

Ensure that your ultrasonic welders are functioning correctly when you work with the talented team at BEK Ultrasonics. Our specialists work with all models and frequencies of Sonics and Materials converters for ultrasonic welders. Since the early 1980s, our business has been manufacturing and rebuilding converters and transducers that are used with plastics, metals, and textiles, as well as ultrasonic food cutting and packaging. People all over the globe rely on us when it comes to custom converters to meet their needs.

You can come to our business when you are looking for great warranties and converters at prices that will not break the bank. Our company maintains complete control over the materials we use, including ultrasonic horn material. Call us today at (800) 863-6320 to inquire about our products and services. We can provide you with a free estimate for our services, as well as literature about the products we sell.

We service all models and frequencies of Sonics and Materials Converters for Ultrasonic Welders including:

  • Sonics & Materials CV15
  • Sonics & Materials CV11
  • Sonics & Materials CV232
  • Sonics & Materials CV233
  • Sonics & Materials CV 23
  • Sonics & Materials CV 234
  • Sonics & Materials CVR 233
  • Sonics & Materials CVR 233x
  • Sonics & Materials CV 154
  • Sonics & Materials CV 16
  • Moreā€¦

All Frequencies: 15kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz

Sonics & Materials CV15 Converter