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We will keep your Dukane ultrasonic welder, converters, transducers, and additional equipment in working order when you work with the team at BEK Ultrasonics. Our ultrasonic repair specialists can repair and refurbish power supplies and generators from many brands, including Branson, Sonics and Materials, Weber, and Herrmann. We understand that this equipment is crucial to your process, so we work efficiently to ensure that everything is done on a timely and cost savings basis.

Finding the right components for your applications is what we can do for you. From Dukane ultrasonic, Branson ultrasonic, Sonics and Materials, we are here to help you. We offer new converters that are made specifically to meet and exceed your expectations. All of these converters and tooling are tested before shipping to our customers. Furthermore, own business is your online source for rebuilt ultrasonic converters. Our team has years of experience working with a wide array of converters, tooling and equipment and knows what is necessary when refurbishing or replacing.


Bek can provide previously owned Ultrasonic Welders, Power Supplies, Generators, Converters, Horns and Boosters. We can also provide new equipment at very competitive pricing.


Bek can Repair and Refurbish Ultrasonic Power supplies and Generators. We can work on Branson. Dukane, Sonics and Materials, Weber and Herrmann Power Supplies.