BEK Ultrasonics

BEK Ultrasonics Solutions

Solving your assembly needs is one of the many goals of the team at BEK. We will assist you with choosing the right assembly equipment that you need for your unique application. Our team understands that every application is unique and requires special considerations. At BEK, we provide solutions for your welding requirements, including Dukane ultrasonic selections

On average, each and every application can be accomplished by two or three entirely different processes. Very few applications are limited to just one process. Knowing which one is right for your particular application is essential. The considerations may include, but may not be restricted to cost, quantity, weld integrity, part size, part design, as well as materials, aesthetics, and production speed. You can come to us when you are seeking selections from Hermann Ultrasonics, as well as Dukane sonic welder parts.


BEK can help with your assembly problems. Whether it is an application that has been welding fine and suddenly stops welding or an application that was a problem from day one. We can work with you to correct the problem or recommend a better process.


Send us your Ultrasonic stack ( Converter, Booster, Horn ), or just the individual component that you may feel is a problem and we will check it out for you at no charge. Testing will include frequency check, checking all surfaces, studs, testing for cracks, running in air and under load. It is always better to send the entire stack whenever possible. Most of the time we can ship it back to you the same day if there are no problems.

Custom and Standard Ultrasonic Converters, Boosters, and Horns Available in the following frequencies:

10, 15, 20, 28.5, 30, 35, 40, 50 kHz

We can customize according to your requirements.