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Trust the crew at BEK Ultrasonics when you need assistance with Herrmann converters. Our service team can help you with a vast array of products from Herrmann Ultrasonics, including pieces used for ultrasonic food cutting, plastic welding, and metal welding. When you come to us, you can request a free evaluation and testing of your ultrasonic components and equipment. We will be able to tell you if there are problems with the items you are using..

For more than three decades, our business has been working with converters, ultrasonic horn material, and boosters. We are based in West Palm Beach, Florida, but our business serves individuals and companies all over the world. Our business does everything ourselves, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best products available. Contact us today to request a free estimate for our services. We will also send you literature about the products we sell when needed.

Herrmann KHS 20- 1P65

Herrmann KHS 20- 1P50L

Herrmann 20/4000 KO

Herrmann 35 kHz

Herrmann 35kHz

Herrmann 30kHz