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About BEK

When it comes to ultrasonic repair services and products, you can count on the team at BEK Ultrasonics. Our business has been manufacturing and rebuilding ultrasonic converters since May of 1985. After eight years of working directly with Branson Sonic Power as an engineer, we decided to get into the manufacturing of ultrasonic components and started BEK Ultrasonics.

Specializing in converters, horns and boosters, the Dukane Corporation approached BEK to request that we sell their products. We decided to accept the proposition, as well as continue to build our own converters, boosters and horns. Our products can be used with Dukane systems, as well as Branson and Sonics and Materials systems. Over the years, our business has continued to supply both domestic and international companies worldwide with ultrasonic converters, boosters, and horns. We also repair and rebuild ultrasonic power supplies and generators. When you are seeking Branson ultrasonic horn selections, converters, and transducers, you can be rest assured we can help you.

In this age of the internet, with all the new technologies constantly changing and being developed, we are seeing more and more commerce being conducted over websites, and sources such as Google, Facebook, eBay, Alibaba and Amazon just to name few. It is an exciting time but also a time for caution. A very attractive website can be built that will make any company or individual look like a multimillion dollar corporation. With a long chain of self proclaiming adulations and photoshopped pictures one could easily get the idea that they are dealing with a real company when in fact they may be dealing with someone working out of their home and using a post office box located in a country thousands of miles away. Products can be purchased and resold as if you were dealing with the actual manufacturer of that product. Their Warranty may sound good at the time but what happens when the post office box is gone?

We have recently received converters to rebuild that were sold as new but have no resistors inside…evidently the OEM thinks they are an important component otherwise they would saved the time and money and not installed them in all of their converters…without a resistor the impedance is not the same..not built according to OEM specs… Cutting corners when it comes to one of the most important and fragile components of your ultrasonic system is never a good thing. We don’t cut corners.

Our converters are aged for an extended period of time to ensure that they are stable and their frequency, impedance, Q, and amplitude are all within the OEM's acceptable window for the most efficient and robust operation. We have been manufacturing and warranting our products since 1985 supplying them to both large corporations such as Kodak, General Motors, Johnson and Johnson, Xerox, P&G, Simmons, and Velcro to name a few and small startups that may only have one ultrasonic welder operating. We appreciate each new partner that gives us the opportunity to work with them and help save them money on their maintenance cost by reducing downtime.

At BEK we rebuild and build converters to the OEM specifications. We don't just make the claim that we do. Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, BEK has been manufacturing Ultrasonic Converters / Transducers and Ultrasonic Tooling / Horns and Boosters since the 1980.

BEK manufactures and rebuilds all brands and models of Converters and Transducers for use with Ultrasonic Assembly of Plastics, Metals, slitting and cutting of Textiles, Ultrasonic liquid processing along with Ultrasonic lab equipment, and Ultrasonic Food cutting, slicing and packaging.

BEK can also provide you with ultrasonic tooling. All customized to fit your parts and operate with your current welding system no matter which ultrasonic system you are utilizing.

BEK can also review your upcoming applications for design feasibility and work with the ultrasonic manufacturer of your choice. We can also recommend an equipment manufacturer depending upon your particular needs, application or budget requirements.

We look forward to working with you.

If it's Ultrasonic think of BEK.